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Meet Our Chef

Chef Joshua Hill discovered an interest in food while spending time in the kitchen with his grandmother. As a chef, he loves creating elevated versions of dishes that remind him of those experiences cooking with her. He went on to further hone his skills by attending the Culinary Arts program at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, graduating Summa Cum Laude, class of 2006.

Joshua began his professional career with Restauranteur Jack Jackson (Burt and Jacks/Jackson’s Steakhouse) as a line cook. In only a few years he became Jack’s lead Sous- Chef until it was decided to open another location. It was then that his first Executive Chef position would arise as he was chosen to take the helm of the new location. He went on to lead in several other restaurants including Johnny V’s, Las Olas which was owned by the well-known Food Network chef, Johnny Vinczencz.

Joshua was sought after and hired by Savor, the ASM Global’s catering partner, to bring his expertise and culinary skills to the Charles F. Dodge City Center in Pembroke Pines, where he continues to raise the bar.

An avid hunter and fisherman, he enjoys bringing in his weekend plunders to prepare and share with his fellow employees. When he isn’t in the kitchen, Joshua loves spending time with his family and friends, particularly outdoors and enjoying the ocean.

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