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Rental Rates

Great Hall
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At Charles F Dodge City Center, we're thrilled to open our doors to you, providing an exceptional setting where your event aspirations can flourish. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate symposium, gala, concert, trade show or a meeting, our venue's versatility is primed to accommodate your distinct vision. Recognizing the individuality of each event, we've meticulously designed a range of rental options that cater to your specific preferences. *prices are subject to change


Theater rental and Box Office Service Fees
2,638 Seating Capacity with 40’ x 60’ Stage
3,234 Seating Capacity with 24’ x 60’ Stage

Base Rent includes load-in on the same day and single performance or event lasting no longer than 3.5 hours. Additional hourly rates apply if the performance/event exceeds 3.5 hours. For multiple performance on the same day the base rent will also increase accordingly.


Commercial - $3,500 vs 10% of Gross Ticket Sales (Cap. $7,500)
Non-Profit - $3,000 vs 10% of Gross Ticket Sales (Cap. $7,500)
Included in Base Rent:
Cleaning and Maintenance - $100.00/hour Additional over 3.5 hours
40’ x 60’ Performance Stage - N/C


Police - $60.00/hour (4 hr. minimum)
Security - $27.00/hour (4 hr. minimum)
Ticket Takers & Ushers - $27.00/hour (4hr. minimum)


Stage Personnel - As required at prevailing rates
Equipment Rental/AV - As required at prevailing rates


The user is responsible for securing event insurance requiring a minimum of $1,000,000.00 coverage for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence. Specific insurance requirements are provided in the License Agreement. SMG will provide event insurance upon request.


(Open 1.5 hours prior to performance time)

The fees listed below will be subtracted from the gross ticket sales at settlement. The facility surcharge and ticket printing will be collected on all consignment tickets upon delivery.

Box Office Service Fee inclusive in the price of the ticket (Calculated on gross tickets sales)
Commercial: 3.5% of Net Ticket Sales, Minimum of $500
Non-Profit: 2.5% of Net Ticket Sales, Minimum of $500
Credit Card Fees: 4% of Gross Credit Card Sales
Group Sales: N/A
Approved Third Party Group Sales: 5% of Gross Third Party Group Sales
Consigned Tickets
Commercial: $0.50/ticket printing fee
Non-Profit: $0.25/ticket printing fee
Complimentary Tickets
Commercial: $0.50/ticket printing fee
Non-Profit: $0.25 ticket printing fee
Facility Surcharge
Commercial: $3.00/Ticket
Non-Profit $2.00/Ticket
Florida Sales Tax
Florida Sales and Use Tax and all other applicable taxes or fees, as maybe by state of federal laws, will be added to all applicable license and use fees and charges.
Admission Sales Tax - 6% of total ticket sales
Box Office Service Fee (outside of the advertised ticket price)
Processing Fee - Sliding scale, based on ticket price for all tickets processed through the call center or web sales.
Walk Up Fee - Sliding scale, based on ticket price for all tickets purchased at the box office window, which is open 1.5 hours prior to performance time.
Group Sales - N/A
Subscription Sales - N/A


Full stage masking and main drape and valance are available.

White Cyclorama:

Includes: house repertory lighting plot (on truss) ETC ION lighting control console

Includes: House PA system, wired microphones and Yamaha CL5 control console.

Follow spots (4) :

On Stage Monitor System:

Wireless or Lavalier Microphones:

$50/day Small
$75/day Large

LCD Projector:

Origination Fee - If the event is broadcast, televised, transmitted or in any manner recorded for reproduction, Licensee will pay an Origination Fee of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) per show.


Space Sq. Ft. Dimension Commercial Rate Non-Profit Rate
Great Hall 23,402 181'x138'x40' $3,500 $3,000
Mezzanine 4,848 96x54'-8"x29 $1,200 $1,080
Lobby 10,684 61-6"x226'-4" $1,200 $1,080
Com. Chambers 6,087 Seating for 206 $1,200 $1,080
A101 1,199 41'x28'x12' $300 $270
A102 1,208 43'x28'x12' $300 $270

B203 365 28'x13'x10' $200 $180
B204 365 28'x13'x10' $200 $180
B205 319 24'x13'x10' $175 $155
B206 422 28'x14'x10' $225 $200
B207 422 28'x14'x10' $225 $200
B208 422 28'x14'x10' $225 $200

B210 506 18x28 $250 $225
Plaza $1,500 $1,350


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