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Wherever you live, whether it’s an apartment building, a condo, townhome, or a single-family home, you can do something good for the environment every day by recycling. Recycling doesn’t cost a thing, and it’s so easy because you don’t have to sort. Just mix all your recyclables together in one container—paper, plastic bottles, metal and glass. It's that easy with the “no-sort” system called single-stream recycling. You don’t even have to remove caps or lids!

City of Pembroke Pines Recycling Guidelines

The City of Pembroke Pines utilizes single-stream recycling, which means all recycled items may be placed together in a green or blue (city-issued) recycling bins. This simple and easy method of recycling increases the amount a household recycles on an average of 30 percent.

Broward County Recycling

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